Route Info


TFN 2019 Begins from Dec 7 with pre-tour briefing
TFN 2019 Flag Off on Sunday 8th December
Nearest airports: Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru


Day 0: Meet your friends and visit palaces


Day Zero: Meet your friends and visit palaces

Pre Tour Briefing :

Regenta Central Herald by Royal Orchid Hotel,Mysore

Over night stay not provided in Mysuru

Its time to visit the palaces in the evening.

000 KM | 0000 M+ | 0000 M-

So, you’re here. The sanctum of the tour. The Pre-Tour Briefing is happening in (to be updated) in Mysore. The city of Palaces. Today you get to make some new mates. These people with riding with you until the last kilometer of the tour. They’re like an extended family of yours. Meet and greet, get to know the volunteers at the brief and definitely you should spend some time talking to the vets who have the tour for than 5 years. Also, since Mysore Palace is super famous and super beautiful, post briefing you should go and check it out and I’ll tell you, it will be fun.

P.S. You won’t be provided with accommodation for day zero.

Day 1: Mission Hoysala Land


Day 1 – Mission Hoysala Land

Mysuru to Hassan

142KM | 1296 M+ | 1091 M-

Day One is a Sunday and you will have less people who will try to share space with you on the road. This is a good day to form your riding peleton. We will be out of Mysuru city quickly and then it’s you and the beautiful open road.

The day starts in Mysore at 755m mean sea level and ends up in Hassan, 950meters. Not a day for big climbs, which gives you enough time to gaze at sugarcane & paddy fields and most importantly the Krishnaraja Sagara Dam or KRS Dam. We shall cross streams and rivers that ultimately join river Cauvery. We shall also cross the mighty river Cauvery, which is one of the most magnificent rivers in South India.

Great Food Alert! If you’re a enjoy eating and trying out food then we recommend you try the Raggi Mudde (Raggi balls) and mutton or lentil saru (Saru is a spicy stew which is yum!!!!!!) (Ragi is a millet by the way).

142 km with 1296 m in total climbs and 1091 m of total descent.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

Day 2: Malenadu and some history lessons.


Hassan to Chikmagalur

96KM | 848 M+ | 1445 M-

Day Two starts with an impromptu history lesson! We ride the day in some amazing conditions. We will open with a fiery pace and then after a small climb we get to the first support station. This is a great spot to take a glimpse of Hoysala Kingdom’s capital, Haalebeedu. The other notable places that we pass on our route are Javagal, Belavadi, Kalaspura via some of the quietest roads flanked by coconut grooves. This gives you ample time to warm up your legs to a 14KM Category 3 climb at average 1.4% gradient. Then we get to coffee country, Chikmagalur to hit the first serious climb of the tour, the scenic Hirekolale, the lake in the hills in level of 1200m before we take a descend to Chikmagalur town. 96KM today, the elevation profile is 1529 M+ in ascents and the descent comes at 1445M

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

Day 3: Lets Brew some of that Coffee


Chickmagalur to Kushalnagara

140KM | 1382 M+ | 1581 M-

The third day tends to creep up on everybody’s legs. So to keep your legs working, we’ve decided to get you that much needed coffee. The day’s route starts from Chikmagalur and ends up in Kushalnagar in Coorg. Day 3 will be like breeze and let me tell you, if you’re a tour veteran, you will love this route. We will roll the start by riding around the back waters of Yagachi dam. The Yagachi Dam was constructed in the year 2001. Then we will be riding into the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Beluru. You know why Beluru is famous? It’s because of it’s magnificent Chennakesava Temple. It’s an absolute beauty and it happens to be a quick pitstop. We ride along the country roads of Ballupet, which might get a bit gravely. After a sharp descent at Ballupet, the legs will be wake up to a workload of few category 4 and 5 climbs. End of the day we will cross over Harangi reservoir and end the ride at beautiful Purple Palms resort at Kushalnagar. The property has a a beautiful pool at the resort for you to cool off!

Great Food alert! When in Coorg, search for Kadambattu and Pandi Curry. Don’t miss it, you will regret it.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .


Day 4: Uniappams and the Sulthan’s Battery


Kushalnagara to Sultan Bathery

145KM | 2119 M+ | 2068 M-

The 145 KM ride from Kushalnagara to Sultan Bathery is one crazy one. Sultan Bathery was Tipu’s Acme Explosives. It was his powder room. From rifles to cannons, Sultan Bathery has seen weapons which are ahead of it’s time. And well the secret weapon this part of South India has for you is, really a big rolling terrain. From the Coffee Country to God’s Own Country, the route will get undulating. There are climbs and descents that will sneak up on your so keep your eyes wide open. There won’t be a moment on the ride, where you will be sit back and relax on your saddle. The uphills are short and steep but the sweet downhills are some of the craziest you might have ever seen.

Well the route has some of our pretty favorite spots. Dubare Elephant Training Camp, where if we get lucky we might see some tamed tuskers. We will be entering Kerala via Tholpetty Forest – A part of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. And then there’s Kuttetan’s Unniappam Stall – a small shack which serves black team and piping hot unniappams in the middle of nowhere. Here’s what unniappam is for those unaware of such a beautiful creation:

The numbers: 2119m in climbing and 2068m in descents. Get ready to face anywhere between 5 to 6 category 5 Climbs and 1 Category 4 Climb.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

Day 5: Forget everything, for you must be brave now


Sulthan Bathery to Ooty

104KM | 2791 M+ | 1233 M-

We hope you wake up rested, because today is the birth of heroes! One of the biggest climbs in South India, Segur Ghat or Kalahatti stands between us and Ooty. This Nilgiris will test your ability to ride, climb and your mental toughness. The route out of Sulthan Bather starts with a small drop in elevation and the roads are lined with tea plantations and bamboo grass. You will pedal to Gudalur from where you will be turn towards Thorapalli for lunch in a plantation. There will be small de-brief and then groups of riders based on speed and time between support vehicles as we shall ride through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Do not overtake the control vehicle or stop anywhere as this is strictly prohibited. It can also get a bit hot and humid, so stay hydrated. Through the wildlife sanctuary, keep your eyes open for peacocks, deer and sometimes even an Elephant or two.

After rolling for 75KMS from Mavanalla, the road goes winding straight, to the face of Kalhatty. The mountain is a pilgrimage for several riders. The Kalhatty welcomes you with open arms to test you. Grind, walk or roll but finish the climb; for this will give you the bragging rights.

This is the queen stage for TFN, once Past Kalhatty, there’s 12KM for our hotel Highland Accord, Doddabetta past the town of Ooty.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

Day 6: Rest my mate, for you deserved it.



Day 6 is all about the photoshoots, washing up your gear, cracking a cold one open and getting to know the King and Queens of Kalhatty. Also, you can catch some rest and visit the town of Ooty, buy some Chocolates and Eucalyptus oil for yourself.

Day 7: The View of Kodanad


Doddabetta, Ooty to Kodanad Viewpoint and Back

93KM | 2089 M+ | 2083 M-

Few more climbs before we rest. Day 7 is shortest ride of this year by distance but, still has a fair bit of climbing to do.

Start again pedaling towards Kotagiri taking the same route as yesterday. Skip the Kattabettu turnoff and ride down to Kotagiri town. You could go looking for some hot hot idli and dosa in the Kotagiri town.

The crew loves the tiny hotel next to the bus stop. Leave behind the highways and take the narrow roads to Kodanad. As we roll towards Kodanadu the vistas open up revealing the endless plains beyond the Nilgiri mountains. Stop at Kodanadu to climb up the viewing tower to soak in the views. if you are lucky you might spot a Bison or two. If not, look down between the rocks to spot the sunbathing Rock Agamas.

Post lunch ride down towards Kookalthurai – the vegetable patch of Nilgiris. Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage.. that’s a sample of stuff grown here.If you had ever bitten into a McD burger in India, you have definitely tasted the Lettuces of Kookalthurai. Apart from the lettuces, this is also where the last competitive section on 2017 starts. Time to clock your best effort to get a good timing on that GC. We will be climbing about 1167m over 25 km to reach back to Accord Hotel. You will still have some time left to go exploring into Ooty before we pedal down tomorrow.

Days stats: 93km with 2104 m ascent and 2098 m descent. One each of Cat 1,2,4 climbs and 2 Cat 5 climbs.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

Day 8: Mission Impossible


Doddabetta, Ooty to Mysuru

90KM | 869 M+ | 2406 M-

It is time to head back from Nilgiris and as we always say. “It’s mostly downhill!” and it is for real.. A real downhill day.

Put on those wind blockers and ride down to Ooty in the morning cold and head towards Pykarra – don’t know how many Bollywood movies were shot here in the 80s and 90s. Instead of the steep kalhatti, we will take the longer but gradual Naduvattam – Gudalur route. After a bit of rolling terrain at Pykara, it is a long winding downhill till Gudalur completely lined by Tea estates and Nilgiri plantations.

Once you reach Gudalur, it’s a reserve forests Madumali and Bandipur you will ride across , probably can find some Tuskers and sported deers and if you are very lucky enough, a Leopard at a distance on the tree. These are some of most safe guarded reserve forest and we are lucky enough to get permissions to ride through them before and should happen ahead.

A day to look for Light up Mysuru palace

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour have begun. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .