TFN – the luggage support

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November 30, 2018
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December 1, 2018
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TFN – the luggage support

There are guidelines given on the number and size of luggage each participant can carry on TFN. It is imperative that everyone adheres to these.

The luggage is taken care of by the hospitality team and should be handed over only to them and only at the designated area.

There are luggage tags given to each participant that will help identify the pieces of luggage and their owners. It is important that these tags are attached properly to your luggage before drop-off.

The luggage drop-off on all days is the first activity early in the morning. The time for this drop-off is generally 6 AM (will be re-iterated daily). Please ensure you do not miss this deadline. The luggage truck leaves immediately after and cannot get delayed.

The only arrangement TFN makes for the luggage is this luggage truck. There is no other capability to handle this on the tour. I am not being rude, but stating the reality when I say that if anyone misses putting their luggage on the truck within the deadline, they will have to make their own arrangements to get it to the destination hotel. And these arrangements cannot include other TFN support vehicles.

It is also not a good practice to leave valuable and delicate items in your luggage. There is no way we can guarantee their safety.

Finally, please do not hand over any pieces of luggage or personal effects to the volunteers for safe-keeping. This is actively discouraged because all the volunteers are extremely busy with their tasks and there is no guarantee that it will not get misplaced during the day.