TFN – the tour

TFN – the race.
November 29, 2018
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TFN – the tour

The Tour oF Nilgiris is essentially a tour at heart. It takes the riders through routes that are a celebration of nature and the craft of cycling. On a single platform, the tour caters to every kind of rider – the relaxed, the fast and furious, the curious, the meandering, the focused, the newbie, the seasoned, the local, the foreign – and hopes to have something for everyone. By shouldering the burden of all the planning of the route, accommodation, food, on-road support, luggage transportation, medical emergencies and such, TFN encourages each rider to focus on the unadulterated joy of cycling and self-exploration at various levels.

Whether you have come on-board with a specific idea or goal or not, I urge each rider to look to yourself, ride at the pace you find comfortable, soak in the nature around you and learn to overcome what are essentially individual obstacles in a way that is best suited to you.

For those riders who are not race focused, please do not be fazed by the enthusiasm of those who are. For those who are not technology focused, please do not be bothered by the frenzied discussions of those who are. For everybody, please do not be too taken up by the pace of those ahead of you. Remember that the ride starts at around 7AM and goes on till dark, around 5:30 – 6 PM. We are here to ensure everyone gets home by the end of the day…. And enjoy the time in the interim.

Some simple things to keep in mind — Eat before you feel reeaally hungry, drink before you feel thirsty, smile often, make friends, challenge yourself but not to the point of injury, prioritize safety over speed, try to ride in groups – this is safer and less tiring than solo assaults.