TFN – the race.

TFN – the tour
November 29, 2018
TFN – the Support Stations
November 30, 2018
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TFN – the race.

While I have re-iterated that TFN is a tour at heart, there is an element of competition built into its model.

We also have the Competitive Section a.k.a. the CS. This comprises of an Individual Time Trial format over a certain pre-designated stretch of each day’s route. In other words, each rider is timed and competes against the clock while riding this particular stretch. This is NOT a mass start race.  The cumulative time is calculated for all the days and the least value is the winner.

This part of the tour is handled by the Race Director and the Race Crew. The specific rules governing the race will be given by the Race Director during the pre-tour briefing. I’ll let out the simplest of these though….. if a rider fails to complete the ride on any day — that is, gets swept for whatever reason – he/she will get disqualified from the race GC (General Classification).

Although at the start it is assumed that everyone will do so, it is not mandatory for all riders to take part in the race. Any rider can, if so inclined for whatever reason, opt out of the race altogether by informing the Race crew.