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The details for 2018 Edition to be updated after route announcement

Here is what we offer our cyclists

  • 8 night Accommodation in very good hotels in triple sharing.

  • Buffet Breakfast on all days, Full buffet lunch on 1 day, Buffet Dinner for 8 days

  • Packed lunch on all 8 days during the ride along with refreshments.

  • Luggage service on all days. Just deposit them in the morning and you will find it in your room at the end of the day’s ride.
  • Mobile medical assistance and qualified doctors! Access to physiotherapists.
  • Transport back to Bangalore from wherever the tour ends.
  • Bike transport all the way back to Bangalore. Includes packing materials.
  • SAG support and bike mechanics.
  • A Tour Jersey and other goodies.
  • Pre Tour Briefing Brunch and Cool Off Party Dinner for the riders.

  • and much more…ohh yeah most importantly a great route!

And what we don’t offer is

  • Stay on 07th December & 16th December night before pre Tour briefing & Cool Off Party.

  • Transport from your place of stay to Bangalore


We would create a google group and allow all the riders to interact between some of the experienced TfNers on how to manage this type of riding. We would also suggest you some of the Training videos

Registration Ends November 15th 2018
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