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TFN 2019 Begins from Dec 7 with pre-tour briefing

TFN 2019 Flag Off on Sunday 8th December

Nearest airports: Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

*Approximate figures



Pre Tour Briefing : Mysuru

Over night stay not provided in Mysuru

Its time to visit the palaces in the evening.

000 KM | 0000 M+ | 0000 M-




Mysuru – Hassan

131KM | 1239 M+ | 1033 M-

Dec 08 – It’s a Sunday! and that means you need not fight for road space with the daily commuter <sigh!>

Hop on you bike and join the Paddy express! Day 1 is all about getting into the right groove or should we say cadence.. While we have some serious climbs on the tour, we leave them for other days. Let’s take it a bit easy and pedal through the wind swept plains flanked with paddy and sugarcane fields fed by the mighty river Kaveri. Cross over the river overlooking the KRS dam and the beautiful Brindavan gardens. Stop over at the many little villages to sip of some fresh tender coconut or bite into some fresh cucumbers. On this flatish terrain we ride 130km passing through KR Pete, Kikkeri, Channarayapatna to reach Hassan.

Foodie tip: Try out the humble Raggi mudde with mutton or lentil saaru to get a taste of some hyper local cuisine.
Number crunching : 131 km with 1239 m in total climbs and 1033 m of total descent. Mysuru is at 755m, Hassan is at 950m. Highest point on the route is 978m

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .




Hassan – Chikkamagalur

118KM | 1529 M+ | 1445 M-

We will start day 2 with a fast paced ride with a small 3km descent towards the first support station. Be ready for a longer break and jump on the time machine to catch a glimpse of the 12th century Hoysala capital – Halebeedu. Riding on, we pass through Javagal, Belavadi, Kalasapura via some quiet roads flaked by coconut grooves. Warm up your legs with a 14km cat 3 climb at 1.4% average just after Javagal. Briefly passing through Chikkamagalur we ride on to scale the first serious climb on the tour – Mullayanagiri – the highest point in Karnataka – a 20 km cat 1 climb at 3.7% average gradient. Take your time to savour the grand vistas on the summit before we descent back to Chikkamagalur to end the day’s ride

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .



Day 3 – To the Coffee Country

Chikkamagalur – Kushalnagar

140KM | 1382 M+ | 1581 M-

The third day of the tour will take us to Coffee country – Coorg! But wait that’s still 140 km away. We will first ride around the backwaters of Yagachi dam. Then ride into UNESCO World Heritage site – Beluru. After a quick pit stop to marvel at the magnificient Chennakesava temple in the erstwhile Hoysala capital, we ride along the quiet country roads towards Ballupet. After a short, sharp descent at Ballupet we will tackle a few cat 4 and 5 climbs to keep those legs working. Towards the end of the day we cross over the Harangi reservoir and end the ride at the beautiful Purple Palms resort in Kushalnagar. (psst.. they have a beautiful pool at the resort)

Foodie tip : Once in coorg go in search of Kadambattu and Pandi curry. You will regret it if you miss it.

Stats: 140km 2x Cat4 climbs of approx 8km

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .



Day 4 – Unniappams on the roll to the base of Nilgiris Range

145KM | 2119 M+ | 2068 M-

From coffee Country we will start riding to the God’s own country. It isn’t an easy ride to Sultan Bathery. The 150+ km route is full of rolling terrain..errr.. Should we say rolling hills?

Starting from Kushalnagar we ride past the Dubare Elephant training camp and onto Gonikoppal. If we are lucky we could see a tamed tusker from the training camp . This part of the route is a hilly terrain with coffee plantations on the slopes and paddy fields  on the plains lit up by the weak sunlight penetrating the morning fog. It might get a bit difficult to get a pedaling rhythm on this undulating terrain.

Past Kutta we enter the state of Kerala via the Tholpetty forest – A part of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. Ride through the dense teak forests looking for spotted deers  and giant malabar squirrels.

At about 100km mark if you spot several bikes parked in the middle of the jungle, take the cue and pull over to the famous Kuttetan’s Unniappam stall – a small shack serving piping hot uniappams and black tea in the middle of nowhere. (For the unaware :
From Kattikulam, we meander along the course of river Kabini to Panamaram and then start a rolling climb of about 23km towards Sultan Bathery.

We will stay at Sterling Resorts in Sultan Bathery.

For the number crunchers : We would cycle 145 km climbing 2119m and descending 2068m. The entire route is full of rolling hills with around 5 Cat 5 climbs and 1 cat 4 climb.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .

STAGE FIVE : THE WALL. The birth of the Brave in Everyone 


Day 5 – THE WALL. The birth of the Brave in Everyone   


104KM | 2791 M+ | 1233 M-

Make sure you are rested well at Sultan Bathery ‘coz day 4 is The birth of the of the Brave in Everyone .
Start from Sultan Bathery and ride through the bamboo forests of Bitherkad into Tamil Nadu. Welcome to the Tea estates of Devarshola. You could sit here admiring the green on the blue for hours. Alas! We gotta hurry! we’ve got some dragons to slay today. 

Pedal down to Gudalur and then turn towards Thorapalli for lunch in a plantation and then regroup to ride through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary . Stay with the group riding through the reserve. It can get a bit hot and humid here. Keep your eyes open for the peacocks and spotted deer . If we are lucky, we could spot an elephant or two.  

At about 75 kilometers after Mavanalla, dart through the straight stretches of road..and lo and behold.. There they are – the massive mountains of NIlgiris – The face of Kalhatti ghat.  Over 12 kilometers and 36 hairpin bends, you will climb 1230 meters vertically. That’s a relentless 10% gradient all the way to the top. Pedal, walk or crawl.. many make it to the top and some come back to fight it out another day. No matter what happens, everyone will have a story to tell about Kalhtatty. This… is the day Heroes will be made.

Past Kalhatty it is another 12 km to the hotel, passing through Ooty and towards Doddabetta and then to Highland Hotel Accord Ooty

For the Garmin geeks : Total distance is 104 km with 2791 m of climbs and 1233 m of descent. The Kalhatti is a Hors Categorie climb. Noolapuzha – Nellikottai is a Cat 3 climb and there will 5 more cat 5 climbs on this day.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .



DAY 6 – Rest Day

The day to shoot from photos, wash your gear and visit the city for buying chocolates 



Day 7 – The View Of Kodanad

DoddaBetta – Kodanad – Doddabetta
93KM | 2089 M+ |2083 M-

Few more climbs before we rest. Day 7 is shortest ride of this year by distance but, still has a fair bit of climbing to do. 

Start again pedaling towards Kotagiri taking the same route as yesterday. Skip the Kattabettu turnoff and ride down to Kotagiri town. You could go looking for some hot hot idli and dosa in the Kotagiri town. 

The crew loves the tiny hotel next to the bus stop. Leave behind the highways and take the narrow roads to Kodanad. As we roll towards Kodanadu the vistas open up revealing the endless plains beyond the Nilgiri mountains. Stop at Kodanadu to climb up the viewing tower to soak in the views. if you are lucky you might spot a Bison or two. If not, look down between the rocks to spot the sunbathing Rock Agamas. 

Post lunch ride down towards Kookalthurai – the vegetable patch of Nilgiris. Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage.. that’s a sample of stuff grown here.If you had ever bitten into a McD burger in India, you have definitely tasted the Lettuces of Kookalthurai. Apart from the lettuces, this is also where the last competitive section on 2017 starts. Time to clock your best effort to get a good timing on that GC. We will be climbing about 1167m over 25 km to reach back to Accord Hotel. You will still have some time left to go exploring into Ooty before we pedal down tomorrow.

Days stats: 93km with 2104 m ascent and 2098 m descent. One each of Cat 1,2,4 climbs and 2 Cat 5 climbs.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2019.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .



Day 8 – Back to City of Palaces

DoddaBetta, Ooty – Mysuru

90KM | 869 M+ | 2406 M-

It is time to head back from Nilgiris and as we always say. “It’s mostly downhill!” and it is for real.. A real downhill day.

Put on those wind blockers and ride down to Ooty in the morning cold and head towards Pykarra – don’t know how many Bollywood movies were shot here in the 80s and 90s. Instead of the steep kalhatti, we will take the longer but gradual Naduvattam – Gudalur route. After a bit of rolling terrain at Pykara, it is a long winding downhill till Gudalur completely lined by Tea estates and Nilgiri plantations. 

Once you reach Gudalur, it’s a reserve forests Madumali and Bandipur you will ride across , probably can find some Tuskers and sported deers and if you are very lucky enough, a Leopard at a distance on the tree. These are some of most safe guarded reserve forest and we are lucky enough to get permissions to ride through them before and should happen ahead. 

Once we exit the Reserve forests, It all the way till Mysuru on a highway, sipping the favorite coconut water ,water melons and all the memories of last 7 days of the tour.

A day to look for Light up Mysuru palace

STAGE NINE: Cool Off Party

15th DECEMBER 2019

Hotel : To be updated soon