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*** km | *****M+ | *****M- *

TFN 2019 Begins from Dec 7 with pre-tour briefing

TFN 2018 Flag Off on Sunday 8th December

Nearest airports: Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

*Approximate figures



Pre Tour Briefing : Bangalore

Overnight Stay Venue – Mysuru

Its time to visit the palaces in the evening.

000 KM | 0000 M+ | 0000 M-




Mysuru – Hassan

125KM | 1115 M+ | 913 M-

Dec 09 – It’s a Sunday! and that means you need not fight for road space with the daily commuter <sigh!>

A new experiment this year by  starting off from the city of palaces and lot of past history Mysuru.  We have moved on from Bangalore flag off as the traffic on the route we ride out has increased tremendously and also the tree cover on the route has reduced due to lot of road development work.

Start your day with an awesome breakfast at the tour hotel, some pleasantries on the stage, lot of pictures with family and friends.. and then off we go.. we make a brisk exit from Mysuru city .

We will cover 125 km of super rolling terrain with heavy cross winds. The ride goes through most of the rural areas & smaller towns before it reaches our tour hotel at Southern Star, Hassan.

This would be 3rd time riding on that’s route and last one was five years back.

Once you reach Hassan and you got time, don’t miss visiting Belur which was the early capital of the Hoysala Empire.[1] Belur along with Halebidu about 16 km away are one of the major tourist destinations in Karnataka.

Check out Venky’s blog from 2011 when he road on his fixie on the same route.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2018.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .




Hassan – Kushalnagar

143KM | 1848 M+ | 1957 M-

Dec 10 – It’s a Monday! and that means you don’t need to fight for road space with the regular holiday traffic in Malenadu

An absolutely new route with full of rolling terrain and places we haven’t ridden before in TFN history.

Alur town is a place on the Malenadu region which has coffee estates and lot of other plantation crops. One of India’s Beautiful railway route goes through this town connecting Hassan and Mangalore.

The route through the beautiful backwaters Hemavathy reservoir and a cat 3 climb before getting to core Malenadu.

A bit of of Harangi, coffee and pepper estates before reaching Kodava heartland famous for Kodava warriors before reaching Purple palms resorts which is parallel to Kaveri River.

Sight seeing : Nisarga Dhama, Dubare Elephant training camp and Tibet settlement.

Food : Coffee, Pandi Curry and Kachampuli provides the sauce base for most Coorgi dishes.

Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2018.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle .




145KM | 2119 M+ | 2068 M-

From coffee county we will start riding to the God’s own country. It isn’t an easy ride to Sultan Bathery. The 150+ km route is full of rolling terrain..errr.. Should we say rolling hills?
Starting from Kushalnagar we ride past the Dubare Elephant training camp and onto Gonikoppal. If we are lucky we could see a tamed tusker from the training camp. This part of the route is a hilly terrain with coffee plantations on the slopes and paddy fields  on the plains lit up by the weak sunlight penetrating the morning fog. It might get a bit difficult to get a pedaling rhythm on this undulating terrain.
Past Kutta we enter the state of Kerala via the Tholpetty forest – A part of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. Ride through the dense teak forests looking for spotted deers and giant malabar squirrels .
At about 100km mark if you spot several bikes parked in the middle of the jungle, take the cue and pull over to the famous Kuttetan’s Unniappam stall – a small shack serving piping hot uniappams and black tea in the middle of nowhere. (For the unaware :
From Kattikulam, we meander along the course of river Kabini to Panamaram and then start a rolling climb of about 23km towards Sultan Bathery.
We will stay at Hotel Great Jubilee in Sultan Bathery.
For the number crunchers : We would cycle 139 km climbing 2010m and descending 1957m. The entire route is full of rolling hills with around 5 Cat 5 climbs and 1 cat 4 climb.

And well again, we could write pages about the route but it is best experienced riding with us. Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2018.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle 



Day 4 – THE WALL. The birth of the of the Brave in Everyone  

103KM | 2789 M+ | 1231 M-

Make sure you are rested well at Sultan Bathery ‘coz day 4 is The birth of the of the Brave in Everyone  .
Start from Sultan Bathery and ride through the bamboo forests of Bitherkad into Tamil Nadu. Welcome to the Tea estates of Devarshola. You could sit here admiring the green on the bluefor hours. Alas! We gotta hurry! we’ve got some dragons to slay today. 
Pedal down to Gudalur and then turn towards Thorapalli for lunch in a plantation and then regroup to ride through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Stay with the group riding through the reserve. It can get a bit hot and humid here. Keep your eyes open for the peacocks and spotted deer. If we are lucky, we could spot an elephant or two. 

At about 75 kilometers after Mavanalla, dart through the straight stretches of road..and lo and behold.. There they are – the massive mountains of Nilgiris – The face of Kalhatti ghat. Over 12 kilometers and 36 hairpin bends, you will climb 1230 meters vertically. That’s a relentless 10% gradient all the way to the top. Pedal, walk or crawl.. many make it to the top and some come back to fight it out another day. No matter what happens, everyone will have a story to tell about Kalhatti. This… is the day Heroes will be made.

Past Kalhatti it is another 12 km to the hotel, passing through Ooty and towards Doddabetta and then to Highland Hotel Accord Ooty

For the Garmin geeks : Total distance is 104 km with 2791 m of climbs and 1233 m of descent. The Kalhatti is a Hors Categorie climb. Noolapuzha – Nellikottai is a Cat 3 climb and there will 5 more cat 5 climbs on this day.

And well again, we could write pages about the route but it is best experienced riding with us. Registrations for India’s awesomest cycling tour begins on 1st of May 2018.. Come with us and explore South India on a bicycle

STAGE FIVE : Get me that cushion!


Rest Day

Day 5 – Get me that cushion!
The Dragons have been slayed.
The Legends have been made.
It is time for that well earned rest.
Watch the sun rise over the Nilgiris. Stretch those calves and qauds and gluteus. Clean and tune the bikes. Join in the group photo session. Hangout with the volunteers. Play some football or billiards. Carb load at the wonderful buffet atHighland Hotel Accord Ooty. Take a ride on the Heritage toy train. Explore Ooty town. Shop for Chocolates, eucalyptus oil and the Nilgiri tea (ever tried the chocolate tea or the ginger tea?), Hike up to Doddabetta, Go for a ride(seriously some folks do it), Take part in the annual toss the tour director in the air ritual…. Phew you are spoilt for choices. Darn! Who called this a rest day!!?




Ooty – Ooty
112KM | 2633 M+ | 2627 M-

After resting and exploring Ooty, it is time go exploring further into the Nilgiris on Day 6.
Start pedalling down on the Kotagiri road enjoying the early morning mist on the tea estates. Stop by at the vast valleys to catch the early morning sun warming up the never ending green sprawl. Turn right at Kattabettu and descend towards Bandisolai on the narrow roads with absolutely no traffic.Bird lovers, you are in for a treat. Keep those eyes and ears open for skylarks, thrushes, parakeets and many more feathered friends.

Pass through Brooklands, Bedford, Wellington.. errr. No we didn’t teleport you to Britain. These names remenants of Coonoor’s colonial past from John Sullivan’s time.At about 35km start your first ascent of the day for about 10km towards Hulikal. A rolling terrain then takes us through Selas, Kunnakombai and down to Kundah dam. Don’t forget to stop by at the Chamraj tea factory outlet for some hot tea. And then Take a moment to soak in the splendid vistas as you around Kundah dam.

And now.. we saddle up and start climbing. Ascending through Yedakad, Emerald bazzar and Fern hill we climb around 1300+ meters over 40 odd kilometre to reach back Ooty. A tough climb, but hey you did slay Kalhatti 2 days ago. Chug on champ!

This day is guaranteed to be take your breath away.. either the breathtaking views or the climbs that leave you breathless.
To the number crunchers : It is 113km with total ascent of 2525m with 2x cat 2 climbs, 2x cat 3 climbs, one cat 4 and 3 cat 5 climbs




147KM | 1868 M+ | 3528 M-

It is time to head back from Nilgiris and as we always say.. “It’s mostly downhill!” and it is for real.. A real downhill day.

Put on those wind blockers and ride down to Ooty in the morning cold and head towards Pykarra – don’t know how many Bollywood movies were shot here in the 80s and 90s. Instead of the steep kalhatti, we will take the longer but gradual Naduvattam – Gudalur route. After a bit of rolling terrain at Pykara, it is a long winding downhill till Gudalur completely lined by Tea estates and Nilgiri plantations. Past Gudalur we still move to Devarshola and then take left turn at Nellakottai and enter into the local road filled with tea gardens before we reach Devala to get back on the NH 12. There is a Valley viewpoint call Needle Rock View Point, Pakkana which many say is really beautiful.

The route towards Kalpetta a complete fast rolling terrain with more tea gardens and rubber plantations before we end in our Day end official hotel Green Gates.





133KM | 1387 M+ | 1427 M-

Long day on the last day. Starting early from Kalpetta as this is long day and rolling terrain. Passing through one of the sections of our Legendary route through Pullpally and Payampally.

Loose yourself amidst the teak forests or get lucky to spot a majestic pachyderm or just let the bird song from the jungle wake up your soul in Begur Reserve Forest before we exit Kerala and enter Karnataka at Bavali.

Once we cross the border, the route running parallel to river Kabini’s coursetakes us through Kakana kote which were the “khedda” (elephant traps) sites of the Maharajas of Mysuru and some deep jungle of HD Kote before we end the 11thTFN in the City of Palaces Mysuru.

Reach Mysuru earlier to watch the Majestic Mysuru Palace Lite up on Sunday.

STAGE NINE: Cool Off Party

16th DECEMBER 2018

Hotel : To be updated soon

07:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Registration starts on May 1st 2019
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