TFN – the forest crossings


Crossing forest reserves has been an integral part of TFNs right from the first one. The fact that we have done it 9 times before does not make it any less important or easier. Cyclists

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TFN – the sweep support


Over many TFNs, the sweep has become a sort of dreaded word for many! Nothing could be farther from reality. There is no real need for this anxiety and I hope to dispel this

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TFN — the medical support


The medical team provided by our longstanding partners Sita Bhateja Hospitals and Spectrum Physio, consists of a doctor, nurses and physiotherapists. The medical team has a fully equipped ambulance going along with us. The

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TFN – the mechanical support


Our associate sponsor, Firefox, sends two mechanics with us on the tour to handle all the mechanical needs that would inevitably arise on a tour of this proportion. They will also carry with them some

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TFN – the food support


Food on TFN, as attested by old-timers, is available in myriads of delectable ways! Out of which, the official provision is breakfast and dinner at the hotels, while lunch is prepared fresh and is available

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TFN – the hospitality support


The hospitality team take care of everything related to the accommodation, food and luggage arrangements at the places of stay. Based on the riders’ preferences for single, double and triple occupancy, the hospitality team allot

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TFN – the luggage support


There are guidelines given on the number and size of luggage each participant can carry on TFN. It is imperative that everyone adheres to these. The luggage is taken care of by the hospitality team

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TFN – the mobile support


This includes motorbikes and cars. Motorbikers have many roles to play including but not limited to: They patrol the area between two SS and keep an eye on things. They carry some supplies like water,

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TFN – the marking support


The marking team points out the route with markings on the road. The markings could be arrows to show where to go, crosses to show where not to go, SS, CS and lunch point positions,

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TFN – the Support Stations


Generally, we have 4 Support Stations (SS) dotted across the daily route. Where they are situated is decided by the terrain and not just distance alone.  These are stationary structures manned by 2 volunteers each.

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