TFN – the volunteers


TFN has been running for 10 years now solely on volunteer power. All the different aspects of support I have detailed out a bit earlier, are manned by volunteers. The volunteers are from different walks

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TFN – the clean tour


Starting from the very first TFN in 2008, it has been our endeavor to ensure that from the surroundings perspective, it is a very clean tour. We do not want to litter even to the

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TFN – personal support vehicles


Some riders tend to bring along their own support vehicles and this could be for many personal reasons. While we understand that you may need the vehicle to go along with you, we would want

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TFN – the route profile, the cue sheets, the daily briefing.


I’ve bunched these together since they are to do with the route mainly. The daily routes have been put up on the TFN site and I’m sure most of you have studied them by now.

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TFN – the rest day


Ooty, after Kalahatty, is when we all rest! That is the day when an aerial shot of the hotel grounds will leave no doubt that cyclists have taken over……. Festooned with multi colored cycling attire

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TFN – the safety aspect


As detailed in the sections before, TFN does a lot of things to enhance the safety and ease of the riders while they traverse the 1000 kms of the ride. But the major onus of

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