Day 8 – Heading Back Home


It was time to head back from where we began. It was the last one, a short 70 kms ride from Kalpetta to Mysuru. Riders took their time to enjoy the last stretches of emerald

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Day 7 – Rock and Roll


Saying good bye to the gorgeous Highland Accord hotel in Ooty on a super chilly winter morning, we set out for the next leg of The Tour of Nilgiris. A 145 km ride, mostly comprising

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Day 6 – The Misty Meadows


It was 10 degrees here in Ooty when riders were getting ready to head out this morning. In front of them was a challenge of 114 kms; a loop around Ooty and Conoor, with crazy

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Day 5 – Pass Me That Cushion


It is said, that you can never conquer your fears, no matter how many wars you win. The vibe was full of mixed emotions brewing at the breakfast buffet this morning. You could see riders

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Day 4 – Kalahatti The Wall


Day 4 saw all riders doing the chicken walk, as they gingerly entered the breakfast hall. Saddle sores, cleated shoes, aching calves and quads were the talk of the town. After all, they have now

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Day 3 – Unniyappams on a Roll


It was a gorgeous start to Day 3 at Purple Palms Resort and Spa in Coorg. Surrounded by a beautifully landscaped gardens on all sides, it was the perfect place to spend a day experiencing

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Day 1 – To the Land of Hoysalas


From the palace city of Mysuru to the misty mountains of Suntikoppa in Kushalnagar, the riders have experienced a glimpse of the 950kms that they will be covering during the 11 th edition of the

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