TFN has been running for 10 years now solely on volunteer power. All the different aspects of support I have detailed out a bit earlier, are manned by volunteers. The volunteers are from different walks of life – many of them being cyclists of varying abilities and inclinations. We typically have a support strength made up of both experienced and new volunteers every year.

On the surface, it might seem like a free trip with accommodation and food thrown in. But volunteering on TFN is not as simple as all that. It can get very tiring and hectic for the entire tour with hardly any sleep coming to the rescue.

We know not what exactly brings together these volunteers to help us run TFN year after year with enthusiasm and cheer. There must be something that each one takes back that is precious. But whatever it is, we are not complaining!! It is a comraderie that has worked wonders and we are most fortunate for all the learning that has come along the way.