TFN – the route profile, the cue sheets, the daily briefing.


I’ve bunched these together since they are to do with the route mainly. The daily routes have been put up on the TFN site and I’m sure most of you have studied them by now. If you have not, maybe you should. Knowing the route profile helps in planning out each day’s ride better, in terms of how fast you go through what sections and where you can take it a bit easy, how much you eat at lunch and all that. Of course, if you are the kind that likes a bit of suspense and so do not want to know before hand, you may give the profile a miss and take it as it comes…

The cue sheets are handed out to all riders along with the goody bags at the pre-tour briefing. One set per rider only. Please ensure you keep these safe – requests for a spare set will mostly be met with negation because we simply do not have too many of these lying around. There is one cue sheet per day. These are stickers that you can stick onto the top tube or stem or wherever takes your fancy – please ensure that you can refer to it when needed on the ride. The cue sheets have the route profile, SS, CS, lunch points and a few landmarks marked on them.

The daily briefing is from the TD, just before we flag-off for the day. It is a very quick activity where I remind you of the salient points for the day and add any specific information that we think is important for the day’s ride. Please ensure that you are ready early enough to attend the briefing before the ride.


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