Some riders tend to bring along their own support vehicles and this could be for many personal reasons. While we understand that you may need the vehicle to go along with you, we would want you to adhere to certain guidelines that will ensure that these vehicles do not hinder TFN and fellow riders in any manner.

  1. All riders with personal support vehicles should provide details of the same including the driver details to the TD and the TFN organizers early on.
  2. The personal support vehicle should not follow its rider so closely as to endanger or come in the way of other TFN riders. There have been many instances when such a vehicle, while following its rider and trying to avoid oncoming traffic, has cut off other riders suddenly – especially true when riders are in a group.
  3. The vehicle should be parked beyond and away from the support stations. The immediate vicinity of the SS is earmarked for riders, volunteers and TFN vehicles. The personal support vehicles should be taken much beyond the SS and parked on the side without obstructing the road. The SS provisions should not be used to stock the personal support vehicle.
  4. In case of the CS, the personal support vehicle should not stop at the CS Start. The vehicle should be taken directly beyond the CS End and parked there while waiting for the respective rider. The vehicle cannot go with the rider or move slowly otherwise within the competitive section.
  5. The driver of the personal support vehicle should be provided for by the respective rider. The drivers cannot take refreshments at SS and lunch at TFN lunch points.
  6. The personal vehicle should understand that during the TFN timeline, the right of way rests with the official TFN support vehicles along the route.

It would be wonderful that the riders with personal support vehicles take personal interest and responsibility in ensuring all the above is understood and adhered to by their drivers – this would avoid any awkward situations for the TFN volunteers/organizers and the drivers.