TFN – the mechanical support


We have two mechanics with us on the tour to handle all the mechanical needs that would inevitably arise on a tour of this proportion. They will also carry with them some spares to be bought at actuals by riders as and when needed. The transactions for the spares are to be handled with the mechanics themselves. The spares being carried will possibly be the most common general ones. Any riders requiring specific spares for their bikes may find these not fitting the bill. We urge the riders to ensure they bring along whatever specific spares they require, otherwise, you might end up with having to make do with whatever is available or not being able to ride at all in some cases.

The mechanics will be in separate vehicles and in different parts of the daily course. Although this should allow them to reach relatively faster than if they were to be together, it might still mean a delay depending on how far away the rider is from the nearest mechanic and also if the mechanic is already working on another bike. Please factor this in your expectations.

A good way to minimize the dependency on the mechanics is to be able to handle some of the simpler issues yourself. A bare minimum that we insist every rider should know is how to fix flats and change tubes.  It will definitely help if you can adjust your brakes and derailleurs.

In case there is a mechanical issue that needs a lot of work and can’t be repaired on the go, we might have to transport the rider and the bike to the hotel. The mechanics will then try to repair it in the evening.

Some of the volunteers do know how to fix mechanical issues but depending on what they might be working at the moment, they may not be able to do much. In other cases, the volunteers may not be proficient enough to handle that particular issue and I’m sure both wouldn’t want to find that out after having tinkered with the bike!! So, while the volunteers can lend an occasional hand, I would suggest that the riders not push them to fix things for them.


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