TFN – the forest crossings


Crossing forest reserves has been an integral part of TFNs right from the first one. The fact that we have done it 10 times before does not make it any less important or easier. Cyclists are not allowed in the forests and we have taken special permission to be allowed to go through. As a part of this arrangement, we will have to ensure that we ride in groups, with each group led by a pilot vehicle. The pilot vehicle could be either a motorbike or a car.

Realistically, each group that goes through will have riders of different abilities and so the speed of the group will be that of the slowest rider. This arrangement is possible only with the support of each and every one of the riders. Especially for this stretch, the riders will have to show patience and maintain the integrity of the group, that is, stay as a group through-out. Please leave a gap of a few yards between the pilot vehicle and the group of riders, so that in case the pilot signals you to stop, you will be able to do so at a safe distance and without bumping into him. The pilot vehicle will also move at a slower speed and the riders should not overtake the pilot vehicle at any time.

It is very important to note that riders should NOT stop in the forest for any reason, including for photography. Although we have an understanding with the wildlife wardens, we have no such understanding with the wildlife themselves….. 😊


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