TFN — the medical support

The medical team provided by our longstanding partners Sita Bhateja Hospitals and Spectrum Physio, consists of a doctor, nurses and physiotherapists. The medical team has a fully equipped ambulance going along with us. The ambulance will be moving on and stationing itself somewhere in the center of the long, long train of cyclists.

The medical team will respond to emergencies in the best possible manner, of course working within the limitation posed by traffic and distance. We also use our mobile vehicle support to help in such situations to speed up the emergency response. The medical team takes the call on if the patient needs more specialized care from hospitals or diagnostic centers and transports him/her to the nearest such institution.

Additionally, we have first-aid kits at support stations and with all the motorbikes and cars.

From a tour perspective, although we are equipped, we hope these services do not get used at all or used at a minimum – that would definitely mean a successful, safe tour for all of us.

The physios are an extremely important part of TFN and have been so for all the past editions. They move along the line, helping riders stretch, address sprains and other injuries that are a natural part of intense endurance activities. Please look out for them at the different SS along the way and do not hesitate to take your niggles to them before they get advanced to full-blown injuries.

The physios also are available every evening for consultation at specific timelines which will be notified to the riders daily.


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