TFN – the mobile support

This includes motorbikes and cars.

Motorbikers have many roles to play including but not limited to:

  1. They patrol the area between two SS and keep an eye on things.
  2. They carry some supplies like water, beverages and some snacks for those in-between times.
  3. They also carry a first aid kit to help in umm… first aid.
  4. They man certain junctions which might need a little help to point the riders in the right direction.
  5. They work as messengers in areas where the cell signals are iffy or non-existent.
  6. They transport a rider to the next SS if such a need arises.
  7. They act as pilot vehicles in the forest crossing group ride.

The lead motorbiker leads the pack right in the front. The cyclists are never to overtake him unless he says so.

The cars/SUVs are used for SS deployment and transport, mobile SS if needed, sweep vehicles, mechanic and spares transport and whatever else we can use them for during the tour.


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