TFN – the hospitality support

The hospitality team take care of everything related to the accommodation, food and luggage arrangements at the places of stay. Based on the riders’ preferences for single, double and triple occupancy, the hospitality team allot the rooms and the list is provided at the reception. The riders, as they get in to the hotel, can procure the information about their rooms directly at the reception.

One thing to note here is that the FAQs have mentioned a time before which there is no accommodation provided at the destination hotel. If you ride a little too hard and reach the hotel earlier, you must fend for yourself till the accommodation and hotel are ready to receive you. It is generally a good idea to time your ride keeping this also in mind.

The luggage drop-off on every morning is also to be done with the hospitality team. There will be a designated area for the drop-off that the team mentions beforehand. Please ensure you drop your luggage here alone and that the team has made a note of it.


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