For the past 2 years, we have brought in the Time Trial format & the tour has now perfected the challenge this year!

Last year, while an average day at TFN ranged between a 100 to 160kms, each organized time trial on climbs or on flat courses went through about 25-40kms on each day. The new format required the cyclist to be intelligent and strategic about their rides and work with other cyclists to persevere and endure.

This year around, things are changing!

Expect your lungs to scream!
Expect your muscles screeching revenge!
Expect murderous climbs!
Expect bloody downhills!

Day 1: Fast and Furious

Day 2: The Wall

King of Kalhatti

Day 3: Short. But not sweet

Day 4: Take a Break
No Competitive Section for the day.
Day 5: Beauty and the beast

Day 6: Get me the Parachute
No Competitive Section for the day.
Day 7: Paris - Rubiax

Day 8: Back to the plains
No Competitive Section for the day.