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About the Tour of Nilgiris

Now in its 11th year, The Tour of Nilgiris has grown to become one of the largest and most loved bike tours in India. In the 11th year, the tour spans 950+ kilometres, through the three wildlife sanctuaries of  Bandipur in Karnataka, Waynad in Kerala and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu. Its riders get some of the most astounding terrain in South India on which to test their endurance, temperament, physical and mental limits.

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This is something that I am be proud to be associated with for the last 3 years. An unforgettable life-changing experience that everyone who knows how to balance a bicycle should aspire to try. Life after TfN is never the same, when you push the limits of endurance, pain and focus … you will come out believing you can almost do anything in life.
Siva Sai
TFN BacK with a Bang ,Better start the Training, Bigger is Aim. This is No Game. Its Above the Name , Beat Yourself in Tfn Then only u will reach the Fame, & C the Path again U dont belive wat have u gained……T F N
Adarsh Kasyap
What an experience, it was ! Go explore more of life !!
Abhilesh Gupta
‘The’ Tour is back !! RESPECT !!!
Its more than just cycling, its passion, commitment and a showcase for the will to fight back adversity, the will to keep testing your limits and finally to experience the pure joy of having lived your dream!
Ashwin Bhatia
If this doesn’t make you get up, sit on the saddle and pump away…nothing will !!
Inspiring, thrilling , every bit of it 🙂
Ashwin Bhatia
Thanks for the initiative, else in our country we wouldn’t have had such a respectable event
Ramkumar Sarma
It’s our pleasure to be associated with India’s best cycling tour. It also helps to have good friends who run the tour. Thanks for accepting and the confidence you have reposed in us. We hope to live up to your expectations. I owe many thanks to Dhanajeyan Jayavel for his great support
Arvind Bhateja
It will be my pleasure to meet the greatest organizing team in cycling east of France.
Big Fan of TFN

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Ooty, after Kalahatty, is when we all rest! That is the day when an aerial shot of the hotel grounds will leave no doubt that cyclists have taken

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